Established in 1998, Table Tennis Tables is a business based in Great Dunmow, Essex. They retail  a wide range of indoor and outdoor table tennis tables and accessories. Also, table football tables and teqball tables (if you want to find out what that is, check their website). They sell to homes, businesses, schools and clubs and have been customers of ours since 2018.

table Tennis Tables of Dunmow essex are clients of TT Matics

All their vans now use vehicle trackers  from TT Matics. Before installing them, they used mobile phones in each van to be able to see where the vehicles were. But that method proved to be a bit ‘hit-and-miss’, as there was no adequate history available and the information was not always reliable.

The change came about after I had an opportune meeting with Managing Director, Russell Brummitt. They’d been thinking about tracking their vehicles better but hadn’t really done anything about it.

‘Really Good’ Service for Table Tennis Tables

Russell said, ‘We’ve been using vehicle trackers from TT Matics for about 18 months now, they’re really good. We always know where our vans are, where and when deliveries have been made and that our drivers are safe.’

He also explains that they recently had a case where a customer called to ask where their delivery was. Russell was able instantly to see that a delivery had already been made. Once it was explained to the customer, he found out that the customer’s partner had taken the delivery and not said anything!

Vehicle  tracking from TT Matics

There are immeasurable benefits regarding driver safety, too. Russell can see if any of his team are driving at excessive speed and advise them to drive more safely. He has had to do this on a few occasions. That said, it’s better for business as well as the driver’s personal safety.

We love supporting thriving local businesses and the support they give us, too. Thanks, Table Tennis Tables and thank you, Russell!